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Merge Connect

Virtual Trips
Merge Connect is a virtual opportunity to participate in online events in partnership with a global church, ministry, or organization around the world. Each Merge Connect event includes three one-hour online events that give participants the opportunity to build intercultural relationships and understanding and gain a better understanding of how God is working around the world.

Merge Connect will be organized, facilitated, and implemented by global Merge staff. Local staff from the country where the Merge Connect event will take place will be involved in each online event.

Merge Connect offers three themes to choose from for your three-session Merge Connect events. They include:




Cost: Each three-session MERGE CONNECT costs $650

How to Get Started

  1. Choose a period of time (we offer flexible dates) when you would like the Merge Connect events to take place.
  2. Decide what type of group will participate in Merge Connect.
  3. Select where your Merge Connect event will take place (small group gathering or all virtual).
  4. Decide whether you would prefer your group connect with a similar group (e.g., youth group meeting with another youth group) or if you would prefer meeting with a different type of group.
  5. Choose which area of the world you would prefer to connect with.
  6. Contact Dale Lusk, at or 956-458-9568 to discuss the setup of your first Merge Connect session.


Merge Connect will be organized, facilitated, and implemented by global Merge staff. Staff from the country where the event will take place will be involved in each Merge Connect event.

Connection Facilitator

will communicate between the USA/Canadian team leader and the global partner in order to set up the details of the Merge Connect sessions.


will help with translation needs as necessary.

Cultural Interpreter

will assist with the intercultural experience ensuring the sessions are culturally appropriate and healthy.

Tech Supervisor

will provide assistance with technical aspects of Merge Connect sessions.

A stipend will be provided to all non-North American Merge staff for their work in organizing and implementing the Merge Connect events.


Merge Connect offers three themes to choose from for your three-session Merge Connect events, including:

Building Relationships

The goal will be to build relationships between your group and a Global Church partner. Each Connect session will focus on getting to know each other and doing ministry for each other online. Options could include:

  • Personal Encounters
  • Testimonies/Life Stories
  • Sharing and Prayer Requests
  • Bible Study
  • Ideas Exchanges
  • Activities and Games

The goal is for both the global partner and the USA/Canadian group to serve each other in ministry virtually. Examples could include:

  • Worship or prayer service led by each group for the other
  • Youth groups from different countries doing youth group together
  • Weekend retreat for both groups at the same time with Merge Connect sessions during their retreats.
  • Bible study together led by each group for the other.
  • Family or children’s events or programs together.


Learning from Each Other

The goal will be to learn from the global church. Often believers in North America focus on teaching the global church, but the reality is the global church has much to teach the North American church. The outcome would be for the USA/Canadian team’s ministry and faith to be strengthened through the interactions. Topic options are diverse and depend on the global partner’s ministry, experience, and expertise. Topics could include:
  • Immigration
  • Racial Reconciliation
  • Community Outreach/Evangelism and Care
  • Community Development
  • Leadership Development
  • Reading Scripture through Different Cultural Lenses
  • Care for Children without Parents
  • Christianity in Persecution
  • The Damage of Colonialism
  • Climate Change
  • Bible Studies Led from Different Cultural Perspectives
  • Refugees
  • Poverty
  • Youth Ministry
  • Ministry to Young Adults
  • Worship
  • Christianity in Various Cultures
  • Gender Inequality and Abuse
  • Indigenous Cultures and the Church
  • And much, much more …


Celebrating Diversity

The goal will be to celebrate together the cultural diversity of the family of God and learn how each other’s cultures view Scripture and God differently, leading to a fuller understand of both. Options could include:

  • Cultural exchanges
  • Celebrating national holidays of each other’s culture
  • Celebrating the church calendar from each other’s culture (i.e., Christmas, Easter)
  • Sharing and teaching cultural activities (i.e., cultural dances, wedding traditions)
  • Cooking classes sharing typical local cuisine
  • Cultural arts and crafts classes
  • Ministry ideas exchange
  • Sharing church traditions
  • Traditional clothing parades
  • Social issues confronting each culture and the believer’s role


$650, which covers the cost to purchase equipment necessary for each Merge Connect event, stipends for international staff organizing and implementing each event (connection facilitator, language and/or cultural interpreters and tech supervisor), as well as expenses and gifts for the global partner to participate in the event).

Fees will be due one month before the first Merge Connect session takes place.

Getting Started

Contact Dale Lusk, the International Director of Merge at or 956-458-9568 to talk over the set-up of your Connect event.