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Merge Team

Merge is led by a group of international leaders who invite you to their countries to participate in what God is doing. The global church runs this ministry and welcomes you to visit them.

The global church has much to teach the North American church, and this group of global church leaders is ready to coach, guide, and challenge you. They appreciate your willingness to participate in their ministries and with their culture.

List of Primary Staff & Leadership

Daniela De La Rosa (Mexico) 
Merge Leadership Team, Merge Coach (Northern Mexico, Colombia), College Pastor 

Julio Garcia (Peru) 
Merge Coach (Peru), Restaurant

Ida Hermansson (Sweden) 
Merge Coach (Sweden, Europe), Pastoral Staff

Jochy Hernandez (Dominican Republic) 
Merge Coach (Dominican Republic, Haiti), Pastor

Charmaine Hibbert (Jamaica) 
Merge Coach (Jamaica), Business

Alejandra Ibarra (Mexico) 
Merge Leadership Team, Merge Coach (Central Mexico, Chile), Pastor

Mohanish Keskar (India)
Merge Coach (North Maharashtra India), Community Development

Pini Kidulah (Kenya) 
Merge Coach (Kenya, Africa), Community Development

Dale Lusk (USA) 
International Director of Global Engagements

Mario Marquez (Sweden) 
Merge Coach (Sweden, Europe), Pastor 

Esther Moreira (Ecuador) 
Merge Leadership Team Apprentice, Merge Coach (Ecuador)

Francisco Ortega (Mexico) 
Merge Coach (Northwest Mexico), Pastor 

Esther Palma (Costa Rica) 
Merge Coach (Costa Rica), Teacher

Evelina Pineyro (Argentina) 
Merge Coach (Argentina, Uruguay)

Jamerson Silviera (Brazil) 
Merge Coach (Brazil), English Teacher

Jennyfer Valdes (Panama) 
Merge Coach (Panama), Business

Mario Valdes (Mexico) 
Merge Leadership Team, Merge Coach (Yucatan Peninsula, Guatemala), Football Coach

Esau Vega (Nicaragua) 
Merge Coach (USA), English Interpreter

Heather Vega (USA) 
Merge Coach (USA), ECC Global Personnel

Alex Velasco (Mexico) 
Associate Director of Merge, ECC Global Personnel

Support Staff

Walter and Dorcas Ajquejay (Guatemala) 
Merge Support Staff (Guatemala), Business Owners

Anna Angulo (Nicaragua) 
Merge Support Staff (Nicaragua, Central America), Education and Feeding Program

Martin Bonilla (Nicaragua) 
Merge Support Staff (Nicaragua, Central America), Community Development

Efrain Canadas (Honduras) 
Merge Support Staff (Honduras, Central America), Prison Ministry

Akshay Deep (India) 
Merge Support Staff (India), Youth Ministry

Tammi Hernandez (USA) 
Merge Support Staff (Caribbean), ECC Global Personnel